So I’ve come to realize that when you are married and have a family, everything changes… but is also forced to stay the same. I guess my views of marriage, love and family have been molded and shaped from my upbringing, the trials I’ve been through, and the passion that I strive to maintain every day. Most don’t truly understand the way that I think, but that’s alright. Because that’s what makes me me, right?

The way that “love” has been misconstrued, twisted and abused in today’s generations and media, has to make me wonder how it will be viewed 30 years from now… or even 10.

“Love” in today’s eyes always has to come with conditions. I will love you… until you break your word. I will love this book… until I get sick of reading it for the hundredth time. I will love you as my friend… until you do or say something I don’t agree with or like… I love ___ until-unless-but…

UNconditional Love, is what we should be striving to always give and have. At least, to those closest to our hearts and around us in our every day lives. To Love others BECAUSE of their flaws – because what may seem like a flaw to us, may be something that they are actually glad to have. To Love our spouses EVEN when they fail to live up to their word or our own expectations that we place on them.

Now, I am by no means saying never get angry. If we weren’t supposed to get angry, God would not have given us that emotion. It is the way that we express our anger, of whether it is healthy or not. Having a quick fuse and a short temper is not the way that we are supposed to express ourselves to one another. I am certainly guilty by all means of having a very quick temper and usually tend to jump the gun quite often; which, I later regret and feel badly for doing.

But getting back to the TRUE meaning of what it is to Love… is what we should strive to do for and in others. Giving Love UNcondindionally, without expecting anything in return… You may be surprised at what you get in exchange…