A precious moment…
… was watching my one-year-old dance, bobble and sway to the music I had playing – and then Daddy joins along in the silliness of the music with us.

I am grateful
… that even though we are struggling with a million things, that I will always have my caring, thoughtful husband, and my sillywilly Angel of a son by my side. And even though we don’t have much, we are beyond blessed with the little that we do.

I laugh
… at Daddy playing Airplane with our boy. Hearing all those squeals and screams of delight just make you have to join in, too!

I remember…
… to back 5 years ago. How much my life has DRASTICALLY changed, and for nothing but the absolute best! I am so happy to have the family that I do!!

I love
… all the struggles we go through each day. They may be hard and stressful, but you can’t ever know your strength, character or power without the struggles that we all face.

I will celebrate
… if we get a call or email from our caseworker tomorrow telling us how much we are approved!!

I can’t wait for
This next month! Well, really August is now the official kick-start for the holidays, but after September they all come rolling down-hill!! So far we have a company picnic and hubby’s 26th birthday lined up for September!!

A joyful picture from this week…
This is the Bugga (one of his nicknames) the other day waiting for breakfast showing off his two front chompers, and never an upset moment in his life!!!

I got this Meme from one of my greatest friends, ERICA, who found the Joyful Journal at DANIELLE‘s site.