Here is another Monday Meme. Of course, I had to join into this one… because I’m just that crazy about cats, hehe!

1~ What is the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep?
Well, I’ve never really had to keep secrets from anyone. Most anyone who knows me, knows that I’m an open book. I’ve kept secrets for friends over the years, but as time has gone on, the secrets have died or become irrelevant and silly.

2~ If my soul were a color, what would it be?
A pale, soft blue. I’ve been through my share of sad, trials and tribulations, but that isn’t all the blue is to me. I am a free spirit, loyal-to-the-core friend, and genuinely care about the well-being and happiness of my family, friends and all others around me; usually always putting them before myself.

3~ Define “hypocrite”:
A hypocrite in my mind, is someone who goes against their own word. Giving your word, or even just mentioning something, is as solid as swearing to a promise to me, and if you break your word to do the exact opposite as what you have already once said… that would make you a hypocrite, to me.

4~ If I could trade wardrobes with someone, who?
Oh, wow. There’s so many friends of mine who have the greatest style! I would trade with an old friend of mine, Rachel. Or, if we’re going with celebrities here… Maggie Gyllenhaal! I’ve started having an obsession with her lately!


This picture reminds me of the porch on the house that my grandparents used to have on their old house. The columns were actually wood, but the feel of it reminds me of this photo.

I got the “Curious as a Cat” Monday Meme from Curious as a Cat blog.