Getting our boy walking! He’s almost there… and wants to take off SOOOOOO badly, but just doesn’t have the complete balance as of yet. He can stand and walk pretty much, but just has to have a clutch in his hands.

Two ~

Cooking! Now that my mother is a Personal Chef she comes over to cook for us all the time. And after our son’s first birthday this month, I realized just how much I LOVED making his cake! I’d love to be in the kitchen cooking every day! One day soon… One day soon…

Three ~

Starting to maintain and keep up with the world of blogging! It isn’t a strong-point of mine, admittedly… so I’ve got to keep on the ball with it!!

Four ~

Cleaning. I’ve been blessed enough to have a boy who LOVES to sleep. I mean… the majority of my time is still spent sitting here meandering around because the boy just loves to nap during the day, and sleeps 12+ hours a night. So why do I still struggle with different tasks of cleaning????

Five ~

Keeping up with my friends!! I try my hardest to keep in touch and current with all of my priceless friends, but have really slacked in the department of communication lately!

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