I thought this Tiny Talk Tuesday would be a super cute idea. Even though my boy isn’t quite into all the “words” yet… he still knows how to talk up a storm, and LOOOOOOOOVES to tell you story after story after story!! He is even like Mommy and uses all sorts of expressions, tones and hand movements for his stories, too!! The little ham! I love him!

We’ve always known he’s liked music. We have played all sorts of different genres of music for him since before he was even born. We discovered this week just how much Bugga actually does love music!

The first occasion was him standing and “dancing” when I had some music playing randomly a few days ago. The next day, I look back at him while we are all in the car and he is doing a full-body sway to the tunes we had going on one of hubby’s CDs. Then, he will do his little sway while “singing” along while he is in his high chair waiting for a meal, if he hears music playing, or even if you’re just randomly singing a tune!!

He just LOVES to sing and dance!