Ok, so, we had a bit of a crisis here at the house today. I woke up to my computer dead this morning. It would only half way turn on, things would run, but it just wouldn’t register…

So, I, of course, freak out! There is many years and TONS of incredibly valuable information on that thing! Once hubby gets home from work, he gives in and we all mosey on down to take a trip to the good ol’ people in Best Buy, the Geek Squad, to get a “professional’s” opinion before we put any money into anything. As it turns out, the mother board got partially fried. So… diagnoses is that I need a new mother board and processor.

Of course, I’m a techy, and so is the hubby. He loves to build computers and you should have seen his face at the realization that he gets to build a new machine! LOL! Since the one I had was a pre-built, they always love to make those un-upgradeable so you have to buy a whole new system. So, we will be salvaging what we can from it and having to find the rest. Then a good friend of ours saw what we needed and remembered that he had a bunch of stuff already packed that he will be selling us! SO… I will be getting a new mother board, processor, super video card (that hubby is taking and I get his current one, silly gamers!), AND an extra 2Gigs of ram, for $60!!!! Anyone who knows anything about computer parts, knows that is a HUGE deal, and I love, love, love, love, LOVE this friend for helping me/us!!!!

So, THANK GOODNESS my hard drive is ALRIGHT!!

Until we will be able to get my new stuff together, I am having to use hubby’s computer, that I can’t stand! It hates me, I swear it does!

So tomorrow (today? as it is 1.33A?) will be a MUCH greater day because I know all my my wonderful stuff is not lost!!!!!!