So, I got crafty again. :”D
I found this Wash Cloth Soap Basket at Craft At Home .com. What I like about this is that it has pictured step-by-step instructions that show you how to do this. This would be a really cute idea for teachers (since school has started again, and teachers always love to know they are appreciated), overnight guests, house-warming gifts for families who just moved, or a simple, CHEAP gift as a present. Another cute idea to stuff the basket with (other than a cute soap or two) are a body wash or bubble bath sampler or other bath toiletry inside of the finished project so they can have something to use with the cloths!!
~ 2 washcloths (color(s) of choice)
~ Elastic band (optional)
~ Ribbon
~ Paper flowers or other embellishments of choice
~ Tacky glue or Hot glue
~ 12 inches of paper twist or decorative cord

How to:
Refer to the photo for rolling technique. Roll your first cloth from the outside to centre on each side (this will be your centre colour of cloth). Roll your second cloth from the outside to the centre leaving enough space to insert your first cloth.

Fold your two cloths together with the flat sides together (see photo) and secure with an elastic band (see photo) while you tie a piece of ribbon around your cloths to secure. Tie this ribbon snug to hold your cloths together.

Cut a piece of paper twist or decorative cord (stiff) to fit as a handle, approximately 12 inches. Glue your handle ends to the inside of the ribbon band. Do not glue to the cloths. You want your friends to be able to use these cloths later and by applying glue directly to the cloths, they will stain. Glue to the front ribbon centre a small ribbon rose or other embellishment of choice. Insert a bar of soap through the bottom centre opening and you’re all done.

These make wonderful hostess gifts, place in your guest bedroom for newly arriving guests. You can add a little gift tag to the front ribbon with your guest’s name. These can be easily opened, simply by undoing the ribbon.