This next Wednesday, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Objective: At 7PM, no matter what your time zone, to light a candle in remembrance of each Angel that has been lost. Burn the candle from 7-8PM.

Goal: The goal is to have at least one candle lit in remembrance, the world over for every hour of October 15th, to have in mind all that have had a greater purpose than what only we had expected.

Miscarriages and infant death are a sadly common thing. Just about everyone has or knows someone who has been affected by such a heart-wrenching event, whether you know it or not.

I have participated in lighting my candle(s) on this day for this hour (and I usually light them ALL day, as well) for three years now, starting from when I first learned of this event through a dear friend of mine. I light one candle for the Angel no longer with my husband and I, three candles for the three Angels my dear friend can not enjoy, and one additional candle for each of the rest that I do not personally know.

But after all of the heartache, and pain and sickness, there is always the perfect purpose why we are not able to be blessed to hold each of our Angels. For myself and my husband, we were absolutely beyond blessed to have our son. He is the most precious, sweetest, funniest little guy ever, who will be turning 14 months old at the end of next week. For my dear friends, they have been absolutely blessed with their sweet Baby Girl after much struggle and one great fight! For others, some may not have been able to have the chance for another sweet Angel, for reasons they may or may not know.

But each and every one has their own perfect purpose… and not a single one will ever be forgotten or lost.

So, my request to you, is to pass on my blog, and the word. Light a candle or two at 7PM of your time zone for an hour of remembrance for the beautiful Angels we here do not have the privilege to enjoy.

Written by Cara Cilione

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