I am SOOOOOO proud of our Little Bit!!!!

He has come into getting the hang of things a little later, but that’s always alright! He is now 14 months old (as of this Friday), and still ALmost walking! He will stand up and bounce by himself, or walk and practically run as long as you’re holding on. He can also take two or three steps to something very close by himself, but hasn’t QUITE taken off just yet. It’s any day now; and I can’t WAIT for him to be just bumping around all over the place!!

And the great news is that he is FINALLY eating solids!!! We have been trying to get him on more solid foods for a few months now without any success. We tried mashing up stage three foods to be more manageable, tearing up snacks into tiny pieces, and eating them in front of him so he would get the idea. When we actually got something in his mouth he would go on as if he were choking… when it was on the tip of his tongue! If he actually got it swallowed, it would immediately be thrown up and he would not keep it. He wasn’t throwing up on purpose, either. We couldn’t figure out what on earth it was!

But last night we had VICTORY! I ran out of fruit snacks, so I gave him the Gerber yogurt bites that disolve to try again. He wouldn’t actually put them in his mouth, but he would pick them up with his mouth. LOL! But nonetheless, they got IN his mouth and he swallowed them successfully!!! He only gagged a couple of times, but managed through it, swallowed and then laughed about it when he saw that I wasn’t making a fuss. The little clown!

So tonight we are going to attempt his little pasta bites. I may have to help them in the process of getting them to his mouth, but as long as they go, I’ll be happy!

I’m so proud of our little man!!!!! He’s growing up way too quickly!!!!