A little bit of a back story before getting into the actual funny parts…

Hubby decided that now that we can actually afford a small sliver of treating ourselves now, that each payday we will drop off Little Bit with the grandparents to finally get back to “us”.

Well, last weekend was our first time out, and my in-laws came to steal away with our boy. A little problem with this plan (that I saw coming from the minute I was informed of this) is that Little Bit doesn’t know the in-laws. He is not familiar with them, because we never see them… because they are always too busy. Problem number two with this plan: they are loud, outspoken people; he is a sweet, calm-natured little boy. They scare him. It came time for them to leave, and my mother-in-law, quite literally, yanked him out of my arms and dragged him out to the car kicking and screaming bloody murder to wake the dead!! My sweet, Angel Boy had NEVER EVER screamed like that a day in his little life!! Oooh, I just wanted to kill. Anyway, the night went on, hubby and I had a wonderful night, Little Bit got new toys, all that jazz.

After that scene, my in-laws decided that they should actually make themselves more available. So their plan is to now come over every Thursday, “or if it allows”, for a pizza night. Last night was the first of these “family nights”, and oh boy what a night!!!!

As we were sitting down to eat, Little Bit decided that he couldn’t keep down again the snacks he was eating. I get him cleaned up and change his clothes. Dinner goes on, he continued to snack. Here comes not-keeping-it-down number two! By this point, my father-in-law had to walk outside or else he was going to join in the fun. I drag high chair and boy all in one down the hall to get plunked in a bath while my mother-in-law is trying to clean up his high chair, my father-in-law is outside, and hubby is still sitting at the table eating his pizza and laughing.

They decided that they didn’t want to stay for the ice cream they had brought for dessert.

We say good bye, get Little Bit cleaned up one last time, and finally get him to bed… but the story doesn’t stop there!!!!

I get the kitchen messes cleaned up and most all of the smells to go away, and then hubby and I settle in to our computers for a while. At 10:30P, everything goes black…

That’s right… we lost power! Of course the first thing hubby proclaims is, “Didn’t you pay the electricity bill?!” Well, of course I did! So, in having a flashlight who’s batteries died a week ago, we scamper for shoes to go outside. We gather from everyone else standing outside that our entire complex was out, as well as the complex next to us, and the one across the street! We don’t know exactly how far it spread, but apparently it was about half the city that had gone out!

Hubby left me with the candles while he went to find a flashlight, and ended up running into a friend of ours who lives down the street. They didn’t have power either, but they had a working phone. So not knowing how long this would last, we pull Little Bit out of his snug bed and pack him up in the car to head over to their place. Their four-year-old was up, and hyper as always, and no one knew when the power would be coming back.

Thankfully, it was only out for a couple of hours, and came back on at midnight. Which of course, all the girls and kids jumped out of our skin at the bright lights and beeping smoke detectors,  LOL! We talked for a little longer, and left them to get some sleep, while we came back to tuck in our tired little boy, too.

*Sigh* Oh, what a way to have a family night!!!!!!!!!!!!!