Maybe this is just me, but I am down to my absolutely last shred of emotion by others who belittle and just overall put me down for being a stay-at-home mother to my son. Is it really such a bad thing??

While, I will admit that I grew up more “well off” than a lot of others, I was by no means rich or wealthy. I was given a lot, but also taught to be humble, caring, and kind to others.

Since I was little, I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could be a Mommy! I’ve always had a passion for babies. I now am married to the love of my life and we have been beyond blessed with the most perfect Angel of a son. But now that I am living my dream, I have found that so many in today’s society view being a stay-at-home mother as lazy and selfish!

I did not know that an entire life’s goal of being able to raise my own children the way that my husband and I desired was selfish. I did not know that staying home with our son to feed him, change his clothes, play with and teach him, bathe him and everything else was lazy. I did not know that actually WANTING to stay at home to cook all of our meals, clean up all the messes, change the cats’ liter box, make the bed and wash, dry, fold and put away everyone’s dirty laundry was being self-centered??!!!!!

I did not realize that choosing to have the desire to teach my child(ren) the way that we see fit, instead of having some person who only cares about a paycheck and not the last time my son’s diaper was changed was “being dimwitted”. Or not wanting someone who does not have the desire to enrich my child’s life while they are “raised” there for 8 hours each and every day was “stupid”.

In today’s economic state, the overall “view” is that all families must be two-income families to survive. While this is true in many cases… or at least for the ones who desire to live in giant two-story houses with four televisons and Xbox 360s for each child… there are others of us who simply can’t afford both parents going to work.

Maybe this is just my opinion or view of the world. Or maybe it is because I was raised in a “fantasy world”… But in whatever case may be true, just because it is our decision of what is best for our family, why do others see fit that they should put me down for our choice. And not even my husband and me… JUST ME – because I’m the one not “working”!!