Oh boy. My boy. He’s certainly not my little bitty baby boy that we came home from the birthing center with fourteen months ago anymore! He’s my big baby boy, and just keeps trucking on to accomplish every new little thing.

When we started trying new solid foods with him, he just could not keep them down. I felt so bad for him. He would try, but he would either gag, or once it hit his stomach, he would end up throwing it up again. His little stomach is just so sensitive.

I am certainly the “Protective Mama Bear” kind of mom, so pretty much everyone would just look at me and roll their eyes when they saw me pull out a jar of food for his dinner. One of those looks where you just know they’re thinking, “Yeah right, he doesn’t gag, she just doesn’t want him to grow up.” Well, OK, that’s true that I don’t want my baby to grow up, but I certain have persisted trying to get him to eat, with no success. I just let those who doubted his own mother’s word try to feed him themselves. When they were wearing what I had so many times before, THEN they would finally believe me, HA!

BUT!! As of last week, he started wanting to try little things while we were sitting at the table. So I would give him a tiny bite of chicken, a little spoon of rice… and he LOVED IT!! Last weekend, after he had finished his entire lunch and milk, he still ate half of MY Chicken and Rice Casserole for lunch! So after he ate almost all of my food I decided to let him start eating more of our foods at lunch and dinner. He’s doing great!

So… I have a Big Boy who eats big food with Mommy and Daddy now!! He still hasn’t quite grasped the whole “spoon goes in the mouth but it needs to have the food ON it, too” concept… but little steps at a time!!!

YAY for Mommy’s Big Boy!!