A few days ago I was checking in my blog statistics and noticed an interesting site that had approximately six incoming hits to my page. I thought this was interesting and kept watching it. Over an hour’s time the count went from six to 20, then from 20 to over 35! Within three hours I had over 40 hits from AlphaInventions.com!!

It is an automatically updated site that scrolls through blogs from around the world that have currently been updated. A few of the “factors” confused me, but hey, it said I was getting all these hits, right?

I started reading through his explaination of his site and how it worked. But if it is supposedly catching all sites that are being currently updated, why did I only see around seven or so sites in the three hours that I watched this thing? (Yes, I actually did sit here and watch it for that long while I was reading up on this place.) And, why has it only caught my actions of updating in the last three days, when I have had the site for the last four months? But none of the questions that I had to wonder he could answer.

My current count for today, only through the page spoken of, (as of now) is up to 86, but are these real people who are actually taking time to read through my posts and see what I have to say, or someone who just happened to have the window open at the right moment when my page had its turn through the cycle?

If you have found me through AlphaInventions.com I would love to have your opinions about it and if you yourself have gotten as much traffic as I have found. It does seem to be a great concept of an idea, but there also appear to be a few things that would probably need more explainations.