I’m a little late getting these posted, but of course I have to show off our sweet little turtle who had the blast of his life over the past holiday weekend on Halloween.

The sweats were obviously way too big, but we bought them to last through the colder months, even though he kept crawling right on out of them! The shell is a spray painted roasting pan.

He had never had so much fun! He thought it was just absolutely grand that we walked around and talked to all of these new people he could grin and smile at and talk with while they gave him fist-fulls of candy that he can’t even eat this year! We also had a little family “party”, so he was just beside himself getting to see his grandparents and great-grandparents all afternoon! (And just so you know, we don’t “celebrate” Halloween; but we enjoy having fun and going around trick-or-treating. We enjoy the “lighter” side, I guess you could say.)