After four months of going back into the world of the corporate workforce, DH and I decided that the amount of pay I was receiving versus the expenses of childcare, gas, food, clothes, etc. just wasn’t worth the trade. So I am finally SO excited to be able to stay at home again with our amazing almost-two-year-old again!!! We did enjoy our daycare provider, don’t get me wrong (we decided on a home daycare close by where I have been working, instead of a corporate chain), but it will feel so much better being home with my little Bug again. And we also agreed that once a week (or every other week or so) that he will be able to go stay with her to be the little socialite that he is.

I have been so blessed to be offered a position with 5 Minutes for Mom and 5 Minutes for Giveaways as their Contests Administrative Assistant. These are the most wonderful group of ladies, pretty much, ever! I will be doing my best to keep everyone in the loop for your own chances to enter… so keep checking back!

I am SO excited that my little Bug will be turning two on August 17th!! Well, OK, I can’t lie. I’m excited, but it’s also depressing to see my Angel be already getting – so – darn – BIG! Is it a little sad that the biggest thing that I am looking forward too will be making his cake?! He LOVES the color green; anything green. For his first birthday, we made him a turtle cake… this year… he’s getting a full 3D dinosaur!! The trial cake has already come and gone, so I will leave the pictures until after his party. It’s just about too cute to devour, that much is for sure!

I think I forgot to mention – I am posting this weekend coming from Kansas City! I am only here by request of my lovely DH, who is in a tournament over the weekend. Now, I’m a traveling girl. I LOVE traveling, road trips, and everything involved. But man, oh, man! This had to have been one of the most strenuous drives, just about ever. So while the boys are off doing their own things in their tournament, I am lounging here in the lobby with my computer plugged in, my notebook conveniently opened for noting important things, and my bottle of water next to me. I can’t complain too much! Except I will say, that Bug is staying with my in-laws while we are away. Five days without my little Baby Love… it’s going to be a very – long – five – days. I miss him already.

Until next time, keep a lookout for links for fun contests! And I will also be finding more of my great recipes to keep everyone in the kitchen. It’s always fun cooking with friends (even if it is virtually), no?