Awww, I feel sad this morning. My good comfy chair (that I may add I have been sitting in for 3 days now) has been taken by some other lady today. I mean, you know it’s not like she can find as much to do or be stuck staying here as long as I have to be here. LOL!

I have never been a fan of these tournaments that I have been escorted to this weekend. But I will admit, that I usually end up meeting some pretty cool people. This weekend I have been chatting with Rob Alexander, an artist that creates some of the pretty neat images for the cards in Magic, The Gathering – like this meadow picture, pretty… no? He kept walking by as I sit in the same ol’ seat watching the people pass by and eventually started conversing. And as I get a little side-tracked this morning, he came by and said a good morning! Ah, the interesting people you can meet.

I now have my comfy seat back. See, I knew I was going to outlast anyone who would be working this morning! Ok, that’s a little sad, but if I am going to be sitting here browsing through blogs and thinking of grand new things to write, it’s good to be comfy, no? I even found my own room service here in the lobby! Alright that’s exaggerating… DH came by and took the money, so I sweetly asked for a Starbucks.

On to another day… have a great weekend!