Ok my friends. I hope that you got the memo today!!

I got in the car this morning, on our merry way… and what do I hear?? You may want to get ready to run to the fridge (or store) for this… Today, July 30th, has been National CHEESECAKE Day!!

No… I am not pulling this out of my sleeve. No… I did not make it up JUST for sweets, either!!!

If you are still looking for dinner plans… head on over to Cheesecake Factory if you’ve got one close! All day today, they are honoring this, sweet, day by offering all slices of cheesecake (get ready again…) …… half off!! And another thing I will mention is that they are offering gift cards for a free slice of cheesecake with a $30 purchase good through September 17th. This I know, because we got TWO gift cards.

I jokingly asked DH if we could have Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight. His computer decided to die on him again just after I asked, so he said that his computer decided that he needed to take us to dinner. /GRIN! It was a very good dinner – and their children’s chicken strips, are amazing!

It was so sweet of him to take us out tonight! So… if you have no plans for dinner tonight… Go snatch some cheesecake!!