A little about myself and my family to know who’s behind the posts, right… ?

I decided to title this blog “Angel’s Kisses” for my Little Angel, my son. He proves to me every day how much of an absolute BLESSING this life is! No matter how much we have to battle through, celebrate, or cry, those who are there with us at the end of the day are the ones that mean the most.

He is forever My Angel and no matter how slobbery those little bitty kisses may be, they mean more than the world to me.

I’m a wife and Mommy, full-time maid, personal chef, entertainer, jungle gym, loyal friend, advice giver, computer specialist, internet junkie, web and graphic designer, crafter and SO much more!

Hubby and I have just celebrated our second wedding anniversary this July. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and look back to my life before I knew him and see how much more enriched my life is. He taught me how to live.

Our son is our absolute ANGEL!! I was lucky and blessed to have the pregnancy AND birth… AND newly born baby that the majority of women only read about in books. I had a blast being pregnant; no complications or setbacks, with a healthy Mommy and baby the whole way through. Birth was easy because we did not have any of the typical involvement of hospitals and a million people running around with untold whispering. We had him in our quiet birthing center, naturally with a water birth and our midwife. It was so fast! The whole thing in active labor only lasting about four hours. My midwife even said that the next time around we need to be living down the street from where we’re delivering, because it will be over before we know it! He stayed right on schedule from the start, and started sleeping through the night after a couple of days. Never fussed, never unhappy, and always content to go where ever we did, as long as he knew he would get to go as well. So now, a year later, he is as active as any other little toddler; always has to be into anything and everything he can get into his sweet little hands.

I love: anything on computers, spending time with our families, any HOT weather, leaving the house to just go somewhere and walk, cats, babies, children, hearts, anything blue, and a good cry when nothing else will do.

Above all, I always strive to set the best example that I can for our boy and raising him with a Christ-centered heart.