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To pass a little time this morning, I thought it would be fun to link up to a fun Saturday’s Meme. I found this Camera Critters Saturday Meme and figured I had to get in on this one.

Ironically, it was just meant to be today I assume. I had JUST been thinking about this picture of our younger 3-year-old cat named Izzy. Being ready to curl up once again in my own soft bed, tucked in and warm. And there’s also just the fact of, who doesn’t love just browsing through pictures of cute animals and reading the history of the shot taken.

So, here is our Izzy, all curled up and ready for bed one night.


Sponsored by great friend Danielle.

A memorable moment…
Our Little Bit has FINALLY gotten the whole walking business down!! He still sometimes thinks that crawling is a faster mode of transportation, but if we ask him to stand up and walk, he does! He will stumble and just get right on back up to try again! He has grown up WAY too fast!!!!!

I am grateful…
For many things involving family. Many of which are quite personal, so I won’t bother you with details at this point. As well as I am thankful for the MANY friends I have made who are the most caring, generous and loving people that I am blessed to call MY FRIENDS!

I laugh…
When people in management don’t do things as promised. I have just moved beyond anger at this point. When a landlord considers things that they say as just another job, and don’t take into consideration that those requests come from the people who have to live their every day lives with those things wrong. Oy vey.

I will celebrate…
The Holidays just around the corner! Great time with family, marvelous (not to mention tons of) food, the giving of gifts to those most important in our lives!

Something new…
I have remade our monthly, four-week menu plan. Times are getting harder by the day, but having our four-week menu has helped in ways we didn’t even see! We only shop once a month for major groceris and I never have to worry about what to do for dinner. Hubby has decided that he is determined to become more healthy, so he made his requests to change some things on our menu. Which I have done for this week.

A joyful picture from this week…
You just can’t help but love a face like this!! This was Little Bit on Halloween night. Kole Face

From Danielle’s Joyful Journal

A memorable moment…
This past Wednesday, my brother came down and carved pumpkins for Halloween with me. It was nice, because we never get to do any “sibling” activities together anymore now that he is in school and working, and I have a family.

I am grateful…
For the little that we have. I just can’t understand why so many think that you MUST live with thousands upon thousands just sitting in a savings account. Times are hard. VERY hard beyond what I can even describe without getting emotional, but we manage to live with the little we are blessed to have.

I laugh…
At my brother, who thinks it’s funny to keep pet flies. Ok, not really. They are for a genetics project in his class, but still.

I love…
My family. Period.

Something new…
It’s Little Bit’s FIRST HALLOWEEN today!!! He is going to be a turtle!

I will celebrate…
What I have in life.

A joyful picture from this week…
Our carved pumpkins for Halloween! My brother made a wolf (he loves details) and I made the kitty cat. For the first pumpkins done by myself with no help, I would say I did pretty well freehanding that thing… and my accident-prone self didn’t cut myself once!!

Mommy’s Future Superman!

Today’s Saturday Social is “Do you like to cook? What is your best dish?”

I LOVE cooking, especially baking and entertaining for friends. Now if I could just get them to come over to eat it all… HA!

Growing up my mom was always in the kitchen cooking something. She has a huge passion for cooking! I guess that is why she has finally  started her dream as a personal chef! If you would like to visit her site she is over at Cook’s Creations Personal Chef Service. So I guess her love for food rubbed off on me.

I don’t know if I have a “best” dish, but I have tons of favorites!

I made this Smoky Corn and Potato Chowder Dish a few months ago and hubby just went nuts about it! We make our menu plan for four weeks, and this was the dish that he requested to be put in the once a week spot. It is so very easy and quick to make. With no “work” in preparing except for cutting up the sausage or ham!

I hope you enjoy the chowder. Everyone I have shared with has tried on their families with raving reviews!

A memorable moment…
There have been SO many memorable things this week! My favorite memory from this last week was all of the sweet times I got to have with my hubby. We got to watch a few new movies this week and snuggled up to watch them.

I am grateful…
That my hubby is so supportive of our decision and working so hard for me to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom to our Little Bit.

I laugh…
At my little Little Bit being the biggest clown in the world! He has such a huge sense of humor and loves to make jokes and laugh all day long at himself and Mommy when she acts silly.

I love…
All of the GREAT new friendships I have made over at They are incredibly supportive, encouraging and loving!

Something new…
My Little Bit has, well, done EVERYTHING new this week!! He is now OFFICIALLY eating solid foods at dinner and lunch with Mommy and Daddy. And is now venturing to walk out in the open all by himself! He has been able to just stand up randomly for a while now, loves to walk around attached to things, and will just about run everywhere as long as he has your hands… but he is now trying to do it on his own. I’m SO PROUD of my little Angel!!

I will celebrate…
My wonderful family; our great wonderful sweet new life as a great family. This will be Little Bit’s first “real” holiday season this year. Last year he was only just a few months old. This year he will get to be a turtle for his first year getting to go Trick-or-Treating! He will get to eat so many great new foods at Thanksgiving; and tear into all the presents at Christmas… even if they aren’t his, hehe!!

A joyful picture from this week…
At Mimi and Dad’s house last weekend, Dad, Daddy and Little Bit decided to watch Bee Movie. Well, Little Bit decided that he was more interested in Daddy… so he said, “Daddy, look at MEEEEE… not the movie!!” as he turned my husband’s face so he would look at him.

*sigh* My little boy just gets the biggest joy from bathtime, and apparently Mommy had some fun, too! Daddy proclaimed this his “Goku Hair”. (from an anime cartoon)

A precious moment…
was throughout this entire week. There hasn’t been just one, but many joyful moments in our lives this week. For some reason or another, last weekend and this past week have just been wonderful. Hubby and I have been very happy with one another and have not raised our voices to each other in over a week (well, except in playing, of course, hehe!) And of course, ANYTHING that Little Bit does is just too absolutely adorable for words.

I am grateful…
… that we have had such a genuinely happy week. We are still going through a lot of financial troubles, but have been able to rationally and calmly discuss our problems without one or the other getting angry.

I laugh…
… at Bugga. Oh, he is SUCH a ham!! This week I caught him doing the most hilarious things…  After I set him up for breakfast one morning, he decided to tell me some funny jokes and was laughing his head off while I was making his breakfast. So I look over at one point and he was giving me the “haha yeah I’m the greatest” look on his face. He had smashed his feet up on the side of the table, had his knees up to his chest, elbows on knees and hands over his head, just laughing hysterically!! I of course, didn’t correct him and had to run get the camera; but since I’m not currently on my computer I can’t get it posted just yet. Boo! His second “act” was while playing in his playpen a couple of days ago. He was “reading” his book out loud then apparently hit the punch line and just SCREAMED! I look over confused. He sets his book down, turns around to face me with the same “yeah, I know I’m funny” look, starts laughing like crazy, then slaps his leg and said, “HA!!!” I had to call Daddy for that story…

I remember…
… when Little Bit was born. Some good friends moved back into town this week that had moved away when he was just about 3 months old and were there at his birth. We helped them unpack their things last night and will be helping them again tonight; and we reminisced about the times that passed such a long time ago and only yesterday.

I love…
… all of the wonderful people we have in our lives that I am blessed enough to call our friends. You only know the strength and bond of your true friends when you begin to go through trials. The ones who are true will be by your side to see you through.

I will celebrate…
… hubby’s birthday this month!!

I can’t wait for…
… the holidays!!! Now that Little Bit’s birthday is in August, August is the official month to kick off the hoidays around here! Sad, but true! We have August babies, September babies, Halloween in October, birthdays and Thanksgiving in November, more birthdays and Christmas in December, New Year’s and my birthday in January, and MORE birthdays and Valentine’s in February! Whew!

A joyful picture from this week…
I will be uploading my great pictures once we get my new computer put together, up and running!

I thought this Tiny Talk Tuesday would be a super cute idea. Even though my boy isn’t quite into all the “words” yet… he still knows how to talk up a storm, and LOOOOOOOOVES to tell you story after story after story!! He is even like Mommy and uses all sorts of expressions, tones and hand movements for his stories, too!! The little ham! I love him!

We’ve always known he’s liked music. We have played all sorts of different genres of music for him since before he was even born. We discovered this week just how much Bugga actually does love music!

The first occasion was him standing and “dancing” when I had some music playing randomly a few days ago. The next day, I look back at him while we are all in the car and he is doing a full-body sway to the tunes we had going on one of hubby’s CDs. Then, he will do his little sway while “singing” along while he is in his high chair waiting for a meal, if he hears music playing, or even if you’re just randomly singing a tune!!

He just LOVES to sing and dance!

Here is another Monday Meme. Of course, I had to join into this one… because I’m just that crazy about cats, hehe!

1~ What is the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep?
Well, I’ve never really had to keep secrets from anyone. Most anyone who knows me, knows that I’m an open book. I’ve kept secrets for friends over the years, but as time has gone on, the secrets have died or become irrelevant and silly.

2~ If my soul were a color, what would it be?
A pale, soft blue. I’ve been through my share of sad, trials and tribulations, but that isn’t all the blue is to me. I am a free spirit, loyal-to-the-core friend, and genuinely care about the well-being and happiness of my family, friends and all others around me; usually always putting them before myself.

3~ Define “hypocrite”:
A hypocrite in my mind, is someone who goes against their own word. Giving your word, or even just mentioning something, is as solid as swearing to a promise to me, and if you break your word to do the exact opposite as what you have already once said… that would make you a hypocrite, to me.

4~ If I could trade wardrobes with someone, who?
Oh, wow. There’s so many friends of mine who have the greatest style! I would trade with an old friend of mine, Rachel. Or, if we’re going with celebrities here… Maggie Gyllenhaal! I’ve started having an obsession with her lately!


This picture reminds me of the porch on the house that my grandparents used to have on their old house. The columns were actually wood, but the feel of it reminds me of this photo.

I got the “Curious as a Cat” Monday Meme from Curious as a Cat blog.



Getting our boy walking! He’s almost there… and wants to take off SOOOOOO badly, but just doesn’t have the complete balance as of yet. He can stand and walk pretty much, but just has to have a clutch in his hands.

Two ~

Cooking! Now that my mother is a Personal Chef she comes over to cook for us all the time. And after our son’s first birthday this month, I realized just how much I LOVED making his cake! I’d love to be in the kitchen cooking every day! One day soon… One day soon…

Three ~

Starting to maintain and keep up with the world of blogging! It isn’t a strong-point of mine, admittedly… so I’ve got to keep on the ball with it!!

Four ~

Cleaning. I’ve been blessed enough to have a boy who LOVES to sleep. I mean… the majority of my time is still spent sitting here meandering around because the boy just loves to nap during the day, and sleeps 12+ hours a night. So why do I still struggle with different tasks of cleaning????

Five ~

Keeping up with my friends!! I try my hardest to keep in touch and current with all of my priceless friends, but have really slacked in the department of communication lately!

The GIVE ME FIVE MONDAY Meme blog was found here at BECCA’s blog.

A precious moment…
… was watching my one-year-old dance, bobble and sway to the music I had playing – and then Daddy joins along in the silliness of the music with us.

I am grateful
… that even though we are struggling with a million things, that I will always have my caring, thoughtful husband, and my sillywilly Angel of a son by my side. And even though we don’t have much, we are beyond blessed with the little that we do.

I laugh
… at Daddy playing Airplane with our boy. Hearing all those squeals and screams of delight just make you have to join in, too!

I remember…
… to back 5 years ago. How much my life has DRASTICALLY changed, and for nothing but the absolute best! I am so happy to have the family that I do!!

I love
… all the struggles we go through each day. They may be hard and stressful, but you can’t ever know your strength, character or power without the struggles that we all face.

I will celebrate
… if we get a call or email from our caseworker tomorrow telling us how much we are approved!!

I can’t wait for
This next month! Well, really August is now the official kick-start for the holidays, but after September they all come rolling down-hill!! So far we have a company picnic and hubby’s 26th birthday lined up for September!!

A joyful picture from this week…
This is the Bugga (one of his nicknames) the other day waiting for breakfast showing off his two front chompers, and never an upset moment in his life!!!

I got this Meme from one of my greatest friends, ERICA, who found the Joyful Journal at DANIELLE‘s site.

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