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Hello everyone!

My new blog has now been moved to My Angel’s, so for any new updates, please head over to my new website. I have also imported all entries from the blog, so if there is something you are looking for here, you will still be able to find it at the new location.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been a reader. I appreciate all of your support.


Ok my friends. I hope that you got the memo today!!

I got in the car this morning, on our merry way… and what do I hear?? You may want to get ready to run to the fridge (or store) for this… Today, July 30th, has been National CHEESECAKE Day!!

No… I am not pulling this out of my sleeve. No… I did not make it up JUST for sweets, either!!!

If you are still looking for dinner plans… head on over to Cheesecake Factory if you’ve got one close! All day today, they are honoring this, sweet, day by offering all slices of cheesecake (get ready again…) …… half off!! And another thing I will mention is that they are offering gift cards for a free slice of cheesecake with a $30 purchase good through September 17th. This I know, because we got TWO gift cards.

I jokingly asked DH if we could have Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight. His computer decided to die on him again just after I asked, so he said that his computer decided that he needed to take us to dinner. /GRIN! It was a very good dinner – and their children’s chicken strips, are amazing!

It was so sweet of him to take us out tonight! So… if you have no plans for dinner tonight… Go snatch some cheesecake!!

There are a lot of people who are very into politics, government, and any and all that has to do with our governing rulers of today. I simply just haven’t been able to be one of those people. Politics and sports are almost the same to me. Now, don’t get me wrong on this… I LOVE sports, but I am thinking more in the way that they are run. Who can recruit the most qualified people for the most money, to find ways to get all of us average Joes to pay to support them.

Here is where I get into the political issues. Bare with me, because this is a posting on my own opinion.

I am an Obama supporter. As far as certain things that he, has at least said, that he is pushing for they should be helping the up-and-coming younger families who don’t have the triple-digit salaries. But, I recently learned of what they are trying to do to our health care system… and I do NOT support it!

President Obama and the current government are pushing to start a more government-run health care system that mirrors the way that Canada and some other countries are run. Which means, that at least half, if not the greater majority of average American citizens will lose the health insurance that we currently have and be forced into the governized system. Think of it this way… over half of America, on Medicare.

You may not have had any exposure to Medicare and the way that they work, or know what they do, but let me share my experience of this system. We are a young family. We don’t have the most mind-blowing jobs in the world, but we get the bills paid. We have an almost-two-year-old son. When I was pregnant with our son, I lost my job. We applied for Medicare to help cover the cost of check-ups and appointments. We were denied help – TWICE – because they said that for our age group, we made too much money to be provided coverage. What if this is the way that our new system will be run? Will my two-year-old son be denied medical coverage if he breaks a bone (he’s a boy, it’s inevitably going to happen), JUST because his mom and dad make about $300 more than the monetary cut off requirement to get health care???

I could go on for about another week with “what if”s about this “improvement”. I encourage you to please do your own research about the President Obama Health Care Reform, and think of where you will stand. Not just for ourselves, but for the present and future of each and every one of our little precious one’s health, safety, and what COULD or MAY NOT possibly even save their lives one day.

As for myself, I am against this reform. If you decide to join me in my stand against this change, I encourage you to PLEASE go here to the Free Our Health Care Now Online Petition and pass it on to family and friends.

I wanted to get this out earlier, but PLEASE take heed to this warning before letting your little ones (or not-so-little ones) dig into the treasures gathered from tomorrow night on Halloween.

Some of you may remember the milk chocolate Gold Pirate Coins that used to be very popular. There has been a consumer product advisory and recall of these coins due to the imported candy testing positive for MELAMINE. These coins are commonly found at Costco, dollar stores and other bulk retailers.

Melamine has been found to be the cause of a number of infant deaths and sickening thousands others in China, where the coins are produced.

For those who thrive on checking rumor to truth, it has been found proven through

Trick-or-treating is a fun pasttime, and a great way to keep the spirit of having fun; but please, DO be careful in your outings and make sure to check ALL treats gathered from your night of fun!

A few days ago I was checking in my blog statistics and noticed an interesting site that had approximately six incoming hits to my page. I thought this was interesting and kept watching it. Over an hour’s time the count went from six to 20, then from 20 to over 35! Within three hours I had over 40 hits from!!

It is an automatically updated site that scrolls through blogs from around the world that have currently been updated. A few of the “factors” confused me, but hey, it said I was getting all these hits, right?

I started reading through his explaination of his site and how it worked. But if it is supposedly catching all sites that are being currently updated, why did I only see around seven or so sites in the three hours that I watched this thing? (Yes, I actually did sit here and watch it for that long while I was reading up on this place.) And, why has it only caught my actions of updating in the last three days, when I have had the site for the last four months? But none of the questions that I had to wonder he could answer.

My current count for today, only through the page spoken of, (as of now) is up to 86, but are these real people who are actually taking time to read through my posts and see what I have to say, or someone who just happened to have the window open at the right moment when my page had its turn through the cycle?

If you have found me through I would love to have your opinions about it and if you yourself have gotten as much traffic as I have found. It does seem to be a great concept of an idea, but there also appear to be a few things that would probably need more explainations.

As just about everyone knows… October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Having family members who are currently battling breast cancer, puts this issue very near and dear to my heart.

A friend of mine owns to sell these tees to support the fight for breast cancer.

For each purchase, a portion of the sale goes directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please help support the fight with the purchase of one of these shirts and spreading the word!

OK Everyone!! So, as always luck would have it, as soon as I started blogging here, my computer decided to die… total bummer!!

It is almost completely done, as soon as we can get it to turn on, which has been aggrivating! But anyway…

I will do my best to work with what I have here on my hubby’s computer and get a few things up for you that I thought were just too important to let go…

I missed everyone!!

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