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Well, HELLO!! to everyone!! It has been way too long since I have been able to stop by for a chat with you all here in my little space. I had a few computer problems, but you know what… I got a new computer so all those problems are solved!!

Let me just catch up a bit…

I got checked for breast cancer and am in the ALL CLEAR on that front, thus far. Of course, I will always be keeping a close check in that area.

I also could not handle the pain and inconvenience of the gallstones any longer. I finally broke, and had surgery to remove my gallbladder in late March. My surgeon was nothing less than a Godsend and the surgery was a full success. The recovery was a bit rough, but I made it through and now I am pain free!

The hubby and I are wonderful, growing together more every day. We have finally learned to break our barriers and are coming to be more than 100% honest about every last thought. God truly does answer prayer. Hubby’s job will soon be needing managers, and he is in top prospects for a promotion and raise in possibly only a month’s time! And, once he gets to a stable, progressing position where he is comfortable, it will be BABY BROTHER OR SISTER talking time!!

The Little Bit… Oh, my Little Bit!!!! Our son will be TWO years old in only a short month and a half!! Time has flown by MUCH too quickly! He has developed the sweetest little temperament! He always loves to clean up after himself, and loves to make sure everything is stacked and lined up, just right. Over all his toys, he LOVES to sit down and read his books, and he is obsessed with shoes! If you leave them laying around, he will make sure to bring them to you, and offer to assist you in making sure they get back on your feet. He has grown so much!!

I am currently back in the workforce, but am praying hard that I will be able to find the opportunity that I have been waiting for, in order to be able to work from home and stay home with our boy.

I’m so glad to join everyone back here in this great virtual space! See you all again… soon!!


I’m a little late getting these posted, but of course I have to show off our sweet little turtle who had the blast of his life over the past holiday weekend on Halloween.

The sweats were obviously way too big, but we bought them to last through the colder months, even though he kept crawling right on out of them! The shell is a spray painted roasting pan.

He had never had so much fun! He thought it was just absolutely grand that we walked around and talked to all of these new people he could grin and smile at and talk with while they gave him fist-fulls of candy that he can’t even eat this year! We also had a little family “party”, so he was just beside himself getting to see his grandparents and great-grandparents all afternoon! (And just so you know, we don’t “celebrate” Halloween; but we enjoy having fun and going around trick-or-treating. We enjoy the “lighter” side, I guess you could say.)

As I sit here eating my lunch, for once, in peace, I spent some time looking over a few of the recent pictures of our Little Bit and his silly little playtimes. The last fourteen months has gone by much too quickly!

He is so very close to walking! He stands up and will take a step slowly, one at a time before crashing and thinking it’s funny to fall. He wants to walk SO badly!! You can just see it in his precious little face.

He is doing so much better eating solids, too. He will eat all of his snacks, if he knows that Mommy will end up eating them all away from him if he doesn’t! LOL! By the way, those Gerber fruit bar chews are pretty darn good… HA!! Last week hubby and I had a Chicken Rice Casserole and saved the left overs for my lunch. Of course, Little Bit wanted a taste because Mommy got to eat it, even though he had just finished his entire lunch and cup of milk. Well, that little kid ate almost half of my lunch!! I tore the diced pieces of chicken in half and he would absolutely scarf down the rice! I guess that will come to be a pretty regular dish when he is sitting and eating dinner with us soon!

The little silly will also talk your ear off, even though he just can’t quite get those words to process the way he wants them too. I will sometimes just simply sit and watch him and laugh as he tries to tell me all his stories of his cars and little blocks and toys. His little tongue just tries to process all those thoughts in his sweet little head. I sit and thank God so many times every day for allowing hubby and I to be responsible for such perfection!!

Now, on a silly note, this little guy is just going to grow up to be the biggest comedian in the world! For some reason last Saturday, he thought it would be alright for him to wake up at 7AM on the dot. He is usually a late sleeper and will usually sleep until 8.30 or 9 in the morning. As I had him strapped in his high chair getting ready for breakfast he started playing with our younger cat. I grabbed the camera and at the last second he decided that that wasn’t the picture he wanted taken, so I ended up with this….

What a little clown we have….. *sigh*

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