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Oh, the busy days!

To start, I am the kind of person who MUST have my day, or week, or month, what have you, mapped and scheduled down to the letter. I thrive on organization, make a million lists every day, and go insane without things all sitting in perfect angles where ever I’m working.

Today was supposed to start off pretty simple. My Little Man had to stay home sick today, so we had a short little list of priorities to tackle and then it would be home to relax. Well, I guess the words “were supposed to…” should tip off the direction of my day’s story…

The list was simple. Get up and ready, head to the store for waters, Gatorade, and some ice pops since my son is on an all clear liquids diet. Then head to one last store to find him a good pair of little sandals. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

As we are walking to the car, all psyched for our outing, Mommy looks in the car and it hits… the car seat is in Daddy’s car, with Daddy at work! So we take a little detour and tromp around our neighborhood for a while. By the time we got back, it was nap time as we waited for a car seat delivery at lunch time.

Time goes by, the car seat is delivered by my great husband who came home for us and naps come to a close. And then, the real fun begins… !

We load up, stop at the gas station to fill up, and head out to Kohl’s department store – one of our favorites. We chat with a few employees that I used to work with, find Little Bit his prize sandals (that he, of course, wanted to wear to bed…), and start of to the grocery store for the last bit of our journey. Only to be caught with just a LITTLE snag… I turn the key and our van wouldn’t start!!!

Back into the store we go. We make our way back to the customer service desk and call my husband. He comes to jump the car, and has to take it back with him to work to change the battery…

So all in all, the car seat ended up back in Daddy’s car. Daddy had to take two extra long lunches to rescue us from stranded fun (or maybe that’s from spending extra money at Kohl’s he was saving himself from?). And our sick little boy has not gotten any better.

Oh, such fun days!

Oh! I almost forgot! I had made a trial dinosaur birthday cake for a certain someone turning two in August. Hubby had taken it to work, since it wouldn’t have gotten eaten here at home. And then, Mr. Dino decided that he didn’t want to be eaten and slipped off the tray as Daddy was getting out of the car. Sad dinosaur!


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