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So, I had a huge breakdown last night. And if I start not making sense, forgive me. I have a lot of thoughts right now.

I have had gallstones for a little over four years now. I’ve modified my diet and always kept it under check and have only had a couple attacks. Well, it’s getting uncomfortable now. No pain, it doesn’t hurt; but I can feel it up against my rib cage. I’m having to come to terms that there’s no more delaying it, and I’m going to have to have surgery. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD MIX with me and surgery!

I have also had lump under my arm that comes and goes that no one could ever diagnose for about 10 years now, and an uncomfortable pain I was starting to have in my breast on the same side a few months ago. Well, the pain has done nothing but get worse and worse and worse. It hurts SO bad, I can barely stretch my arm or back to do anything without having pain. Last week I just about hit the floor in hysteric sobs when I realized I could feel something that WAS NOT part of what is supposed to be there!

A little background: I have a family history of breast cancer. My grandmother has undergone a number of surgeries for it. It’s now come back, and she has only been given a maximum of a couple more years (with chemo). Ever since I was able to really have a say-so in doctors visits I have been begging, pleading and yelling for SOMEONE to give me a mammogram, and still have YET for anyone to grant it to be because “I’m just too young to have cancer.” I’m sorry, but NO WAY!!!

I broke down sobbing for half an hour last night before my hubby realized I was seriously upset (men lol) and came to lie down in bed with me. He said that he’s always going to take care of me no matter what, and he’s not going to think the worst until it happens. He just didn’t realize that I HAVE been thinking the worst for the last two and a half months and it’s finally taken me over!

Anyway, he had me finally make an appointment for next Monday morning for BOTH points of issue. My mom is going to come up to watch Little Bit so he doesn’t have to go, and hubby is going to try his best to take time off so he can go with me because I’m SO SCARED and absolutely just DON’T want to go face that alone!

On a lot happier notes:

Little Bit got an ENTIRE mouth-full of teeth last week… ALL at once! Boy, was that fun! He’s walking around everywhere and now that he’s got some chompers, enjoys eating more big boy meals with Mommy and Daddy! He turned 15 months last Monday, the 17th. Time has flown by MUCH too quickly!


As I sit here eating my lunch, for once, in peace, I spent some time looking over a few of the recent pictures of our Little Bit and his silly little playtimes. The last fourteen months has gone by much too quickly!

He is so very close to walking! He stands up and will take a step slowly, one at a time before crashing and thinking it’s funny to fall. He wants to walk SO badly!! You can just see it in his precious little face.

He is doing so much better eating solids, too. He will eat all of his snacks, if he knows that Mommy will end up eating them all away from him if he doesn’t! LOL! By the way, those Gerber fruit bar chews are pretty darn good… HA!! Last week hubby and I had a Chicken Rice Casserole and saved the left overs for my lunch. Of course, Little Bit wanted a taste because Mommy got to eat it, even though he had just finished his entire lunch and cup of milk. Well, that little kid ate almost half of my lunch!! I tore the diced pieces of chicken in half and he would absolutely scarf down the rice! I guess that will come to be a pretty regular dish when he is sitting and eating dinner with us soon!

The little silly will also talk your ear off, even though he just can’t quite get those words to process the way he wants them too. I will sometimes just simply sit and watch him and laugh as he tries to tell me all his stories of his cars and little blocks and toys. His little tongue just tries to process all those thoughts in his sweet little head. I sit and thank God so many times every day for allowing hubby and I to be responsible for such perfection!!

Now, on a silly note, this little guy is just going to grow up to be the biggest comedian in the world! For some reason last Saturday, he thought it would be alright for him to wake up at 7AM on the dot. He is usually a late sleeper and will usually sleep until 8.30 or 9 in the morning. As I had him strapped in his high chair getting ready for breakfast he started playing with our younger cat. I grabbed the camera and at the last second he decided that that wasn’t the picture he wanted taken, so I ended up with this….

What a little clown we have….. *sigh*

I am SOOOOOO proud of our Little Bit!!!!

He has come into getting the hang of things a little later, but that’s always alright! He is now 14 months old (as of this Friday), and still ALmost walking! He will stand up and bounce by himself, or walk and practically run as long as you’re holding on. He can also take two or three steps to something very close by himself, but hasn’t QUITE taken off just yet. It’s any day now; and I can’t WAIT for him to be just bumping around all over the place!!

And the great news is that he is FINALLY eating solids!!! We have been trying to get him on more solid foods for a few months now without any success. We tried mashing up stage three foods to be more manageable, tearing up snacks into tiny pieces, and eating them in front of him so he would get the idea. When we actually got something in his mouth he would go on as if he were choking… when it was on the tip of his tongue! If he actually got it swallowed, it would immediately be thrown up and he would not keep it. He wasn’t throwing up on purpose, either. We couldn’t figure out what on earth it was!

But last night we had VICTORY! I ran out of fruit snacks, so I gave him the Gerber yogurt bites that disolve to try again. He wouldn’t actually put them in his mouth, but he would pick them up with his mouth. LOL! But nonetheless, they got IN his mouth and he swallowed them successfully!!! He only gagged a couple of times, but managed through it, swallowed and then laughed about it when he saw that I wasn’t making a fuss. The little clown!

So tonight we are going to attempt his little pasta bites. I may have to help them in the process of getting them to his mouth, but as long as they go, I’ll be happy!

I’m so proud of our little man!!!!! He’s growing up way too quickly!!!!

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