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So, after a busy, busy, BUSY weekend, I finally have time to sit and relax, in quiet… as my 15-month-old has crashed back in bed after an early morning of taking Daddy to work and doing our monthly grocery shopping.

I had to post this morning singing the praises of my marvelously wonderful husband.

About three years ago I developed chronic stress headaches. Recently, I have not had many and they have been very few and far between. Last night, however, I ended up with one of the worst episodes I have had in months; with blinding pains in my eyes, nausea and the whole nine yards. (For those who don’t know, they are a combination of migraines and sinus headaches, complete with all symptoms of both.) I managed to dig out my medicine, but knew I was in for a long haul waiting for everything to take effect. One of the bad things about these headaches is that I have to be sitting up or standing, if I lie down they get much worse.

So as I am sitting on the bed in agony, hubby somehow wakes up, which he normally does not do. Even though it was 2:30 AM, he got up to rub my back and neck and did whatever he could to make things better for me. He even got out of bed, now at 3 AM, to run me a hot bath. When my husband wakes up in the middle of the night, he usually will not remember being up, or anything that he did (going to the bathroom or getting a drink and such things). But this night he made sure that he was awake, and did not go back to bed until the medicine had kicked in and I was able to lie down to sleep.

This morning, he did not do anything else before making sure that I was alright. And even stopped to get me a soda on our way to his work, just in case I hadn’t slept off all of the medicine.

It just goes to show that no matter what we go through each day, he will always do whatever he can to take care of our family when we need it the most. Aw!

And while I am on the subject of singing praises, here are a few more…

One of my greatest friends, Erica, has always been there to support me through ups and many downs. I don’t think I could have made it through the darkest time of my life without you. I love you, girl!

The best Mom sites I have ever found are and The AMAZING women at Mom Connection are so incredibly sweet and some of the best friends I have made. Twitter Moms is a site for like-minded Moms who are also on Twitter. They are so creative and tallented! There are so many great groups to connect with other Moms with similar interests and hobbies.

And to draw to a close (but absolutely NOT least by any measure!), is Jessica, who I met through Twitter Moms. She is SO sweet and has the biggest heart for not only her little ones, but for everyone around her as well! You’re fantasic!


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